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mike farmer
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Savannah, GA 31401 Cell: 9124293431
Work Phone: 912-429-3431
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Savannah, Georgia Buyer's Agent

            Why go from real estate agent to real estate agent to real estate agent,

when you only need one Buyer's Agent?

Please, Read this!

I would like to be your Savannah buyer’s agent. I am a real estate broker with 24 years of experience working with over 1000 buyers in the Savannah area. For four and half years I worked as an Exclusive Buyer's Agent -- It is how I was trained. Below are the services I will provide:   

      I will fully explain the different types of agency in real estate so that you understand representation and fiduciary responsibility.

      I will explain, in full, my responsibility to you as a buyer’s agent and show you how my representation will not cost you anything and may save you money.

      I will inform you of each area in Savannah regarding appreciation, plans for growth, school systems, etc., and I will not keep negative information from you. I will do my best to help you make a fully informed decision.

      I will give you recommendations as to which home inspectors are certified and do good work, which attorneys are experienced in real estate closings, which local lenders give good service at competitive costs, and recommendations regarding other services you may need.

      I will absolutely maintain your confidentiality.

      I will assist you in the qualification process with lender, if this is needed.

      I will gather all your search criteria -- size, areas, styles, age, floor plans, etc. -- and make a file to begin the home-search process.

      I will create an email based home-search program that draws directly from the Multi-List service, and I will also search For Sale By Owners.

      I will perform a comparable analysis of any property you are interested in so that we determine if it is at fair market value.

      I will disclose all negative information regarding the property.

      I will help you negotiate the best price and conditions and prepare the contract if a decision is reached to purchase a particular home; and I will explain all the options the contract offers.

      I will explain special stipulation options which will tighten the contract and protect your interests.

      I will provide a list of contract requirements and the time-frame in which the requirements must be met.

      I will participate in the home inspection process and help you negotiate any repairs that are needed.

      I will work with the lender and closing attorney to ensure that the process is going smoothly and that all documents are received in a timely manner.

      I will do a walk-through with you before closing to make sure that any needed repairs have been completed in a professional manner and no damage has been done to the home since the contract was written.

      I will get a copy of the settlement statement before closing to determine if all the numbers work out according to the contract.

      I will attend closing with a file of all signed documents in case a disagreement arises during closing.



The way I try to set myself apart from competitors is through integrity, knowledge and superior service. I am not a salesman. I will never apply pressure tactics to encourage a quick sale. I will work with you as long as it takes, providing information and guidance in order for you to make a fully informed decision.


I hope you decide to use me as a buyer’s agent.

Call or text 912-429-3431

Mike Farmer