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Southside of Savannah

Savannah's southside is a mixture of commercial and residential. There are two malls on the southside, off Abercorn Drive, Oglethorpe Mall and Savannah Mall, along with, throughout the Southside, hospitals, shops, restaurants, offices, financial services, etc.

The neighborhoods are mostly mature neighborhoods built in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, but there are also newer neighborhoods such as Coffee Pointe with new construction starting at $250,000.


You can find a home in just about any price range on the Southside. Many of the older homes have been renovated and the lots are somewhat bigger than the newer construction lots -- you can also get more square footage for your money with the older homes.

While most of the homes are situated in subdivisions, you can also find waterfront homes and marshfront homes with some acreage tucked away in different Savannah waterway locations.

One of the main draws for Southside Savannah Homes is its convenience to all the services the Southside has to offer. Most of the services are just minutes away from any location. There are two hospital systems that service Savannah and both are located on the Southside -- Memorial and Candler/St Joseph.

For a free list of Southside Savannah homes, go to:
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