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Tybee Island housing was once, mainly, single family dwellings, made up of cottages within the small residential area and some larger oceanfront homes along what is called the ocean-side of Butler Ave., but in recent years there has been a proliferation of condos.

With limited space for development, and with more people choosing to buy a home on Tybee Island, it is natural that condos would be the development of choice - actually, of necessity.

I have learned as a real estate agent that not everyone knows exactly what a condo is, or, at least, buyers get confused with what ownership of a condo entails.


A simple explanation is that condo, short for condominium, refers to a legal description for a type of ownership that is both common ownership and individual ownership. The owner of a condo owns the unit they purchase and through the payment of an association fee owns a common interest in the complex outside the units. Maintenance of common areas outside the units is usually taken care of by the condo association, made up of unit owners, or the association contracts with a property management company to handle maintenance and administration. It is important to fully understand the covenants and legal aspects of ownership in any given complex, because some condo arrangements are set up differently than what I have described, such as “site condominiums” where the owner could have ownership of the lot. Around here, ownership of the unit with shared walls and the lot is usually referred to as a townhome.

It can get confusing, but generally speaking a condo is ownership of a unit/apartment where everything between the walls is the responsibility of the owner, and the condo owner has common responsibility and common ownership for the common aspects of the complex outside the walls of the unit.

This can be a good arrangement for a place like Tybee Island where many homeowners use their residence as a second home, or they are retired, or they are using the units to lease as an investment. There are fewer headaches as far as maintenance is concerned, and the fees you pay cover the maintenance of the common grounds.

The sizes of the condos on Tybee Island vary; they run from 500 sq ft to over 2000 sq ft. Some are inland with a short walk to the beach and some are right on the beach with incredible ocean views. On a clear day you can see all the way across to Hilton Head Island.

If you are looking for a condo on or near the beach, go here: Tybee Condos

Fill out the registration and home-search form (make sure you identify "condo") and I will send you a list of all condos for sale on the island. Call me, Mike Farmer, if you have any questions, or to request a tour – 912-429-3431.

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