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February 2007 - Posts

Oh, I Love This Time Of Year!

It is getting warm here in Savannah. At my office on Tybee Island, I can feel spring and I'm only 200 yards or so from the beach. I don't know if I will be able to resist going down to feel the breeze and warmth. I hope some of you who are looking
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Sales Comparison from 2005 and 2006

It is difficult to tell which way the market here in the Savannah area will go in the next few months. I believe we will see increased sales in a couple of months and prices rising at a moderate rate. I performed a small, un-scientific comparison of sales
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Getting Paid, or Not

How do I get paid? The short answer is: I don’t, unless I am working with a buyer or seller on a house that sells. If I work with a buyer or seller and there is no sale, then I don’t get paid. Some agents work out a fee-for-service arrangement
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Why is representation important? The way it was originally explained to me was with a question – would you go to court and use the other side’s attorney? No, no I wouldn’t. I would want my own representation, someone looking after my
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Taking a Lower Commission

In my blog post yesterday I ended with the question of why would I, acting as a buyer’s agent, have an incentive to negotiate hard for a lower price when getting a lower price means I get a lower commission. The main incentive I have is for future
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The Irony of Too Low Offers

Negotiating home price can be tricky. Many people think that going in with a very low offer is the best way to get a good deal. The idea is that they can start from a low number and this will make the counter-offer lower. The buyer gets it into his/her

Upcoming Newsletter

In the near future, I will be creating a Newsletter to inform potential homebuyers and homesellers of local news to update you regarding trends and changes in the Savannah/Islands area. I will post the Newsletter on my blog and provide a link in all my
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Knowing The Market

Understanding the market is important. That seems fairly obvious, but even some who make their living in real estate don’t understand the market. I am not saying I have a full understanding of all market forces, because there are too many variables
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Online Real Estate Transactions

In a few years, online real estate transactions will not be uncommon. Software is now available to fill out forms and send all pertinent information through e-mail. Software is being developed to make all transactions as easy as typing in the information
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