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The Right Buyer Agent -- Part II

To continue with a previous post concerning choosing the right buyer’s agents, let me highlight a few more aspects I think are important.


Patience: Sometimes it takes a while to find the right house, especially when there are many options to choose from. Be careful to not choose an agent who seems impatience to put together a deal. You may hear things like, “I don’t know how much longer this house will be on the market – I’d hate for you to lose it!” or other such statements that seem to be pushing you to a decision. Use caution and don’t get caught up in the moment thinking you have to act right away or else the house will be swooped up by a rush of anxious buyers. This may be true a very hot market, but there aren’t that many very hot markets right now.


Objectivity: If an agent is too persistent on any one area, be cautious. A good buyer agent will present all the good areas and give you the pros and cons of each one. In most cities of any size, there are many good areas to buy. A good buyer agent will be knowledgeable of all areas.


Service-Minded: Some agents have a willingness to provide service and others don’t. If the agent you are talking to doesn’t outline a list of services he/she will commit to, then you may want to look further.


Specialized Knowledge: You want to choose someone who possesses specialized knowledge – of the areas, of finance, of the process, of negotiating, of the market, of the neighborhoods, of the recent appreciation/depreciation, etc.


I will continue this series in a few days.

Published Friday, March 16, 2007 2:16 PM by Mike Farmer
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