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Groundfloor? Savannah Midtown Market District

I recently attended a neighborhood meeting at the corner of 39th Street and Broad Street to get the news of upcoming development in that area.


They are calling it the Midtown Market District and the plans are ambitious and exciting: restaurants, coffee shop, seafood market, produce market, bakery, tree-lined walkways, circular mosaics at the intersections.


This area has been gradually coming to life with housing renovations, but now it seems it will be totally transformed. Not far from Victory Drive and the Baldwin Park area, and right across Victory Drive from Ardsley Park, it only makes sense that this neighborhood would be next in line to undergo revitalization.


This is just one more step in the complete rebirth of old Savannah neighborhoods from Victory to Gaston Street.


Housing prices are still far below downtown Savannah prices, yet it is only minutes to the heart of downtown. It also offers easy access to the islands and Tybee Island Beach, and, it is only minutes to I-95.


I am not just a bystander theorizing about a good idea – about a year and a half ago I bought a duplex on 39th Street and I have been renovating it, slowly but surely. During this time, five other homes on our block have begun renovation. It is amazing to watch these old homes change before my eyes, bringing out the charm and character originally envisioned.


On 38th Street there is a child-care center that has been an anchor of the community – the developers are going to help this center expand so that they are assured of enough room for the children to play and not be crowded out.


Smart development, conscientious development, exciting times. Who knows what the final results will be, but if they follow through with the plans, it will be a great community to be part of. Well, it is already a great community to me, but then I might be biased. J

Published Friday, June 15, 2007 5:19 AM by Mike Farmer


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