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Downtown Savannah Ga -- History Meets Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan can mean different things to different people. Philosophically, it can mean being a citizen of the world in the sense of being freed from the limitations of locality, race, sex, politics, etc, or it can mean sophisticated, or it can take on the social meaning of multiculturalism.

Applied here, I am talking about the trend in Savannah of people from all over, from different backgrounds and cultures, moving to Savannah, and how this is melding with the old Savannah to create an enriched, diverse environment.

Savannah is nothing if not steeped in history, and this is a large part of its charm. Everywhere you look downtown you are transported back to another time and place: the squares, the old churches, the statues, the old townhomes, the architecture, cobblestone streets.

What is amazing is watching the new, hip, techno and modernly sophisticated blend in to the historical. Nightclubs, restaurants, shops, NY style lofts, art galleries, and, now, the Savannah River Landing development where downtown will be expanded to create all new buildings and squares preserving the style of historical Savannah, all create an exciting opportunity to be a part of an aggressive town that still respects, and protects, historical sensibilities. 

Many hi-tech companies are coming to Savannah, and more will surely follow, to make the beautiful contrast even more profound. I have also noticed on the southside, where much of the commercial development in Savannah moved out to, that new development is attempting to maintain the Savannah style with more attractive storefronts, and greenery in their parking lots.

I am hoping some of the new home development outside Savannah can take some esthetics lessons from downtown and make these subdivisions more intersting places to live. I see evidence of that in a couple of new developments, but I still see way too many new home developments that are tree-less, personality-less and boring.

There doesn't always have to be a struggle between the old and the new with the new always conquering and leaving the old behind; sometimes they can join and make something even greater than either by itself.



Published Wednesday, June 20, 2007 8:33 AM by Mike Farmer


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