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Savannah Ga Historic District - Downtown, Victorian, Thomas Square, Gordonston

While most people fairly familiar with Savannah have visited the downtown Historic District many are not that familiar with the other three historic districts: the Victorian Historic District, the Thomas Square Streetcar Historic District, and the Gordonston Historic District.


You may remember if you took a tour that the downtown Historic District runs from River Street on the north to Gwinnett Street on the south, bordered west by MLK and east by Broad. Designated as a National Historic Landmark District in 1966, this area has received most of the fanfare, and deservedly so, because it is a beautifully and smartly designed area.


However, the other historic districts are coming into their own after years of renovation. The Victorian Historic District runs from Gwinnett Street on the north to Anderson on the south, again, bordered west by MLK and east by Broad. As an outgrowth from downtown the architecture is mainly Victorian and Queen Anne Victorian. Everywhere you look you will see renovation going on with some very remarkable results for those of us who saw the area at its worst. The Victorian District received its National Register District Designation in 1974. Like most of historic Savannah, it has tree-lined streets, gardens and a distinct neighborhood feel. This area continues to change as more and more people discover its charm – and lower real estate prices compared to the downtown Historic District.


Further south is the Thomas Square Streetcar Historic District, designated as a National Register Historic District in 1977, running from Anderson on the North to Victory Drive on the south and bordered west and east by MLK and Broad. Years ago one of the most beautiful streets in Savannah was 37th Street. It is quickly being resurrected and will soon be restored to its previous prominence among gorgeous Savannah streets. At night the huge oaks draped with Spanish moss is a transporting sight to behold. The architecture in this district runs from cottages, to Colonial to Victorian. The Starland Design area at Bull St. and Victory within the Thomas Square District has quickly become a haven for artists in the area. There is definitely an artsy environment being created throughout this area, mainly driven by the influence of Savannah College of Art and Design which has been a major force behind Savannah’s revitalization and magnetic draw for artists, musicians and writers. If you like the eclectic lifestyle and diverse environment you will love this area.


The fourth Historic District is Gordonston, designated in 2001. It is basically a triangular area – Skidaway Road on the south, Pennnsylvania Avenue on the east and Gwinnett St. on the north. This area is often overlooked, nestled in a unique area of old and lovely homes, just a few minutes for downtown. If you like stable and traditional living, this is a great alternative to the rapid changes outside this proud and uniquely beautiful area. Gordonston is a neighborhood – a real neighborhood.


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Published Saturday, June 23, 2007 10:08 AM by Mike Farmer


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