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Savannah Ga Homes -- Smart Search

This really applies to searching for a home pretty much anywhere, not just Savannah Ga homes, but I like to advertise where I am from. As I wrote in an earlier blog, most people seem to start the process backwards –  they start looking at houses randomly then go through the tortuous process of eliminating dozens, having to deal with agent after agent, or homeowner after homeowner, before they have found the right combination of home and area.


It makes more sense to identify the area first, based on all your needs then finding the right home in that area. What is the right home? That’s difficult to say. I don’t know how many times I worked with buyers who seemed to know exactly the home they wanted only to see something totally different then go, Hmmm, then decide to go a different route.


There are many options here in Savannah and surrounding areas. Some people think they only want a new home until they see an old home that has been completely renovated. Some people think they want a home on the water until they see a home downtown and realize how close it is to the beach, and vice versa. Some may start out wanting only a home with acreage outside Savannah then realize that it is too far from shopping, schools, dining and such.


That’s why I put so much emphasis on the efficiency of clarifying the area you want and need first. I am happy to give buyers a tour of the areas and maybe look at a few home options in each before beginning a hard search for the right home. But, nowadays, much of that can be done upfront by using an agent such as myself to send area information and listings by email so that a buyer from out-of-town can begin to narrow down possibilities and focus in on the right area to begin the search for the right house.


It is huge hassle to go from listing agent to listing agent to listing agent in a town you are unfamiliar with. It is much better to find an agent who will work with you from the information gathering stage all the way through the purchase of a home, and even after closing on a home if problems arise. This way you can make the process streamlined to take the guesswork and hassle out of it.


It is being said that home buyers are becoming smarter and smarter about buying a home. This is a smart way to buy.

Published Friday, June 29, 2007 9:14 AM by Mike Farmer


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