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Ardsley Park in Savannah - When Centralization Is A Good Thing

Decenralization of government and corporations may be the wave of the future, creating better local response and more creative flexibility, but when it comes to real estate, centralization is still a good thing.

Ardsley Park is a great centralized location in Savannah's midtown area.

Location, location, location! Along with price and condition, that is the mantra for home selling. Ardsley Park is definitely located for convenience to all Savannah has to offer. It is very easy to take one of the many streets running north and south in Savannah to get downtown: Abercorn, Habersham, Lincoln, Waters, and others. There are also a few straight-through routes that bypass the squares: Drayton, Broad, MLK. It takes about five minutes, and for those who prefer to live outside the downtown area but have easy access to the downtown lifestyle it is the perfect choice.

It is a also a good choice for those who want to be conveniently located near the southside shopping, businesses and medical facilities. It only takes about five minutes to reach most southside locations. Even less to get to the two medical facilities, Memorial and Candler/St. Josesph which border on the south of the Ardsley Park area.

Ardsley Park has several good restaurants in the heart of the area: Clary's, Hirano's and Bella.

To get to the beach, going east on Victory Drive, which borders the Ardsley Park area to the north, it is a straight 15-20 minute route to Tybee Island, and about 10 minutes to Wilmington Island.

Ardsley is truly a diverse neighborhood, with many different home styles in different price ranges. While prices have risen significantly in the past ten years, you can still find a home in almost all price ranges. Prices have stabilized in the last year and a half, but Ardsley will always be a high demand area in Savannah because of its location and charm.

Ardsley Park still has the old-style feel of a real neighborhood. It is good for walking, jogging, biking and socializing. Many, many homes have been renovated through the years to give the interiors the modern appeal of larger kitchens and bathrooms, but still maintaining the mystique and lure of the past.

Also, for those needing easy access to west Chatham, it is close to I-16, so when it comes to location, Ardsley is a great midtown choice. Email Mike@MikeFarmerRealty.com for more information and a free list of homes in the area, or go to www.MikeFarmerRealty.com and click on one of the hyperlinks for Ardsley Park information.

Published Monday, July 16, 2007 5:27 AM by Mike Farmer


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