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August 2007 - Posts

Forsyth Park in Savannah Ga

At one time, Forsyth Park was the end of Savannah; now it is merely at the end of the Downtown Historic District going into the Victorian District, a fairly good distance from the far reaches of the Southside business area. The fact that this 20 plus

Savannah Ga Homes - Victorian and Thomas Square/Starland Districts

Savannah’s Victorian District and Thomas Square Streetcar District are good alternatives for those buyers trying to avoid the higher prices of downtown Historic District, but still be minutes away from downtown Savannah. Here is a link to the National

Savannah Homes and Businesses -- Renovation, Renovation, Renovation

The Savannah Morning News recently wrote an article on commercial growth and growth problems regarding the southside of Savannah. It appears that re-development will be the demand of the future. With limited space for new development, unless you go west

Savannah Georgia Waterfront Homes -- Scenic Wilmington Island

The view of the Wilmington River from the beautiful homes along Wilmington Island Road is incredible. The sunsets always make me wish I could live with that feeling for eternity. What is it about water and particular views that capture our imagination
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Savannah Ga Homes -- Buyer Agency and Foreclosure

Recent news about foreclosures across the country makes it even more important for buyers to get good information before purchasing a home. I have preached about buyer agency for years. It is a good service for an experienced home buyer and it is almost

Historic Downtown Savannah Ga -- 5 year sales comparison

Below is a five year comparison of Savannah homes sold between 8/11 and 8/11 of each 12 month time frame. This is drawn from our Multi-List database that designates Downtown Savannah as area 1. After being surprised at the findings from the Ardsley Park

Ardsley Park in Savannah Ga -- Surprise Findings

It seems I may have been victim of the same psychology that affects buyers when there is constant talk of a down market. I thought the market WAS slower this past year than the previous two years. However, I like to check the numbers to make sure what

Downtown Savannah -- Operating From The Heart

I will be moving my operation downtown, soon. I plan to concentrate on downtown Savannah, midtown Savannah and the Wilmington Island area. Real estate here, recently, has been a mixed bag, but the future is so bright I am buying heavy duty shades. I hope
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