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Savannah Ga Homes -- Buyer Agency and Foreclosure

Recent news about foreclosures across the country makes it even more important for buyers to get good information before purchasing a home.

I have preached about buyer agency for years. It is a good service for an experienced home buyer and it is almost vital for first time home buyers to have a professional buyer agent help gather all the pertinent information necessary to make an informed decision – especially in today’s shifting and confusing market.

The experienced home-buyer may not need the basic information, but the time-consuming efforts of gathering the information they do need can be eliminated by using a buyer agent. All the details involved in a real estate search and the transaction to closing can be a hassle, and who wants to do all that work when they can have a buyer agent do it for them – at no cost. The buyer agent splits the commission involved in the sale so there is no cost to the buyer. The buyer agent is committed to meeting the buyer’s needs and is good representation when the buyer needs good, comprehensive, objective information.

But getting back to foreclosures, first-time buyers should ALWAYS work with a buyer agent. They should get someone knowledgeable of the different types of mortgages available, someone who understands the market trend of the area, someone who will advise them of the dangers of overextending their financial situation and someone who will present them with workable options to home-ownership. Most importantly, a first-time buyer should find someone who will represent their best interest and be honest with them even it means postponing buying until a more realistic financial plan for ownership can be developed.


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Mike from Savannah

Published Monday, August 20, 2007 9:59 AM by Mike Farmer


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