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Pooler Ga Homes - Buying New or Buying Renovated?


At one time when Chatham County natives thought about Pooler homes it was mostly relating to older neighborhoods, but in recent years the thoughts have related more to the new construction around the airport, Godley Station, and in places like Pine Barren. However, it may be time to revisit the older neighborhoods, especially the homes that have been renovated and are on much larger lots than you find with newer construction.

One of the benefits of choosing an older home in one of the mature, established neighborhoods of Pooler is that you get more square footage for your money. New construction costs have risen  and make it difficult for people who need space to afford the prices along with the monthly fees most new subdivisions charge.  You can buy a renovated older home in Pooler with 1500-2000 square feet and a much larger lot for less than you can buy a new home with 1200-1500 square feet on a small lot, in most cases. And there are no fees in the older neighborhoods. You don’t have a community pool in most of the older neighborhoods, but you have enough backyard to build your own private pool.

Also, with most older homes in Pooler you get brick exterior and more mature shrubbery and trees. Many people prefer brick to vinyl siding. And many new subdivisions lack a green environment.

I always recommend to buyers when they choose an older home to get a thorough inspection of structure and systems, to get a one year home owner’s warranty and to get a list of all renovations and upgrades. If all this is satisfactory, then it lessens potential repair problems. And with the money you save buying an older home, you have some left over for light maintenance or cosmetic improvements.

There is something satisfying about adding your own character and personality to an older home. Many newer homes have a sameness about them that is difficult to transform into that homey, personal feel  - plus, many newer subdivisions have restrictions on what changes can be made to the home.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with new, but the older homes have been overlooked and I think there is plenty of opportunity for buyers who think, as they say, outside the box.

Mike from Savannah

Published Sunday, September 2, 2007 11:30 AM by Mike Farmer


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Savannah Real Estate Blog : Pooler Ga Homes - Buying New or Buying Renovated?

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