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Savannah Ga Relocation - Real Estate Is Local (Duh)

   As I have written in other blog posts, relocation can be a confusing hassle or it can be a relatively smooth process. What I want to re-emphasize here is information gathering and processing. It sounds dry and boring, but it is vital to making the smartest home-buying decision possible.

Below is my list of recommendations regarding the relocation process:

1. Search the internet for local real estate companies with an online presence. Use specific search terms like "downtown", "waterfront", "new construction", "townhome/condo", "buyer agent", "country living/acreage" along with the location to which you are moving.

2. Check out different websites (avoid big national websites which are basically lead-generators) to determine which ones seem to be the most information-friendly, providing links to different areas and information sources -- also look for the ones that are buyer-friendly and not just showcases for listings.

3. Contact the one you find most helpful and ask to be helped with information gathering, processing, and most importantly an analysis of the information based on the real estate professional's specialized knowledge of the area.

4. If the local real estate professional responds in a reasonably prompt manner, ask this professional some pointed questions about the local market. You will quickly get a feel for who is knowledgable and who is not, who is service-minded and who is not.

5. Once you have selected a local real estate professional you trust, ask to be sent information on areas that meet your logistical and personal-preference needs. When you receive the raw information, don't assume you fully understand what the information is telling you -- ask for explanations that take local context into account. For example, if you are sent demographic information that shows very few personal services, restaurants or medical services, ask the professional, who should by now be known as a Buyer Agent, about these concerns and get a full explanation of what the area has to offer, what is being planned in the area and the proximity of services in neighboring areas.

6. Once an area is chosen, start narrowing down to the particular neighborhood, subdivision or townhome/condo complex. Get statistical reports regarding the past home sales, appreciation, homes actively on the market, styles, new construction, older renovated homes, etc.

7. Make sure you are represented by the Buyer Agent and fully understand all the nuances of representation. Work out financing, inspections, closing attorney, price range, negotiation strategy, terms of offer that meet your needs and timeframe for closing.

8. Once you have made a choice of the home you want to buy and have signed a contract, get a list of all actions that need to be accomplished before closing, then work with the Buyer Agent and check these off one at a time.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it's a good guideline for making the relocation a smooth and beneficial process.

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Mike from Savannah

Published Saturday, September 15, 2007 10:27 AM by Mike Farmer


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