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October 2007 - Posts

Savannah Real Estate -- Building Trust in Negotiations

Building trust between all parties in a real estate transaction is important . Duh! Yes, I know it sounds obvious, but I experience adversarial positions being taken in too many transactions, between listing agent and buyer agent, and between buyer and
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Savannah Ga Real Estate - Just What Is A Buyer's Market?

Aside from regions which are depressed or regions where prices simply soared insanely, in most regions a buyer’s market means an appreciation adjustment - prices will appreciate at a lower rate or remain flat. Some buyers tend to think a buyer’s
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Savannah Ga Homes -- Don't Forget You Will Be Living There

There has been so much talk in the last couple of years regarding the financial/investment side of homeownership that it seems we may be forgetting we're going to LIVE in the home we buy. It is one thing to be frugal and to be smart when searching
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Savannah Ga Homes - Re-Building

Home renovation in Savannah Ga, in my opinion, will continue to be a huge concern. It is true that there is room for development west of Savannah in Effingham County and south of Savannah in Bryan county, but here I am talking about buyers who want to
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Savannah Ga - Efforts For a Smart Future

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, Savannah is undergoing a combination of old and new. I say “combination” because that describes the process better than “transition”. In a transition, old would be replaced by new; however,
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