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November 2007 - Posts

Effingham County - A Little Country With Your City

From time to time I get buyer clients who love downtown Savannah but don’t want to live there. They want a little bit of country with their city. When I first started in real estate here in Savannah it was fairly easy to find 2 to 5 acres in Effingham
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City Market in Savannah Ga

City Market’s origins date back to 1755 when it became a center of trade for farmers and fishermen. It was also a social gathering place for Savannahians to meet and discuss news and, no doubt, swap tall tales. Since then it has survived fires,
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Okay, I Admit It, I Painted Brick

I recently purchased a small home in Pooler, Ga. to remodel then put on the market. I do this from time to time because I love the process of re-building – negotiating a good price, pricing out the job, doing what I can like painting, flooring and
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Windsor Forest in Savannah Ga

During the 70s and 80s many people in Savannah Ga began moving to the southside where all the new residential and commercial development was taking place. Most of the homes are ranch style homes, which were popular around that time – brick, with
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Savannah Ga Real Estate - Online Home-Searching

The percentage of buyer clients I have worked with this year who came through online searches has risen to 50% from 10% last year. I expect that percentage to rise to 80% in 2008. The way people look for services has definitely changed. I am constantly
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Ellis Square Project in Savannah Ga

This morning I took advantage of the cool air and walked down to City Market where the Ellis Square Project is taking place. For those unfamiliar with Ellis Square, it was one of the four original squares in Savannah designed by James Oglethorpe but was