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Ellis Square Project in Savannah Ga

This morning I took advantage of the cool air and walked down to City Market where the Ellis Square Project is taking place. For those unfamiliar with Ellis Square, it was one of the four original squares in Savannah designed by James Oglethorpe but was lost awhile back when the city decided to build a parking garage. About five years ago it was decided by city officials to restore Ellis Square and build underground parking below where the square will be replaced, recreating a beautiful entrance into City Market.

It is a testament to human ingenuity and effort to watch the work going on in the gigantic hole in the ground that has been dug for the underground parking. Each time I go to look I am amazed at the enormity of the project.

Another amazing development in that area is News Place on Ellis Square, just north of the soon to restored square at the corner of Barnard Street and Bay Street.

News Place is a huge undertaking that includes a top notch hotel, retail on the ground floor and residential condo units above which will have fantastic views of the river.

Follow the link above for information on News Place – whoever is fortunate enough to buy one the condo units at The River Homes will live in one of the truly prime locations in all of Savannah.

I will keep you updated as the development progresses – it promises to be fantastic.

Mike from Savannah

Published Thursday, November 1, 2007 5:40 PM by Mike Farmer


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