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February 2008 - Posts

Savannah Ga Real Estate Series - Southbridge

Southbridge is great community for young couples, middle-age professionals and retirees. It has a little bit of everything . The golf club is one of the best in Savannah and the new spa they built is a very nice addition. The older section of Southbridge
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Savannah Ga Real Estate Series: Isle of Hope

Isle of Hope is a unique area, one of the most beautiful and distinctively-Savannah waterfront areas. Along Bluff Drive past the marina are some of the most beautiful homes in Savannah. Although Isle of Hope proper is a small area, many people consider

Savannah Ga Real Estate Series -- Tybee Island

Tybee Island is about a 25 minute drive from downtown Savannah. It used to be called Savannah Beachbut now has come into its own. It's a small, funky beachtown with plenty of character. In recent years more restaurants , bars (make sure you go by

Starland Art District in Savannah Ga - An Artsy Scene

This is an area in Savannah properly named theThomas Square Streetcar District, however, many people now refer to it as the Starland Art District. This is an area the art-minded should watch -- it's gradually evolving into a distinctive "art"

Savannah Ga Real Estate Series -- Wilmington Island

Wilmington Island is about 10 minutes from downtown Savannah going east toward Tybee Island . When I first got into real estate, Wilmington Island had very few commercial interests on the island but now there are new restaurants , food stores, retail

The Savannah Ga Real Estate Series - Downtown Savannah

Downtown Savannah Ga is a world apart from Savannah in general. You begin to notice the difference once you pass Victory Drive going north through the Thomas Square Streetcar District and through the Victorian District . You begin seeing homes built from

River Street Hotels -- Savannah Ga

If you are planning on staying downtown during you home search trip to Savannah, check out this website: River Street Hotels There are so many great places to stay downtown it's difficult to decide, but whatever you do - STAY DOWNTOWN. You'll


Here's a fairly new home search and information site that I think will eventually be a top site. www.Roost.com I'm trying to get them to come to little old Savannah. We need internet love, too. Mike from Savannah

My Small Real Estate Company in Savannah Ga

Tipping my hat to Kermit - It's not easy being small. In a way my company is an experiment in small in the age of the internet. Can a company with one broker and three agents compete with large companies with 50-100 agents? Well, so far, so good.