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The Savannah Ga Real Estate Series - Downtown Savannah

downtownpics 035.jpg   Downtown Savannah Ga is a world apart from Savannah in general. You begin to notice the difference once you pass Victory Drive going north through the Thomas Square Streetcar District and through the Victorian District. You begin seeing homes built from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. Time seems to slow down after leaving the southside, especially once you get to the squares where you literally have to slow down to get around the them (which is one aspect that makes downtown Savannah a good walking area).  You'll see some businesses and shops in the Thomas Streetcar and the Victorian districts, but it's mainly old neighborhoods, many of them being restored.

When you reach downtown, say past Forsyth Park, you begin to see shops, restaurants, and entertainment establishments, beautiful gothic churches, townhomes of Italianate, Greek revival and Federal styles, huge mansions of various styles, some rare in the south, like Second Empire or Richardsonian Romanesque. Go to the sidebar of my site to see photos of Downtown Savannah Homes. 

Many buyers want to live downtown but for a lot of them it isn't practical, either because of price or parking or the need for a large lot, although many places around downtown Savannah are only a 10 to 15 minute drive. Ardsley Park, which I discuss more in another post, is even closer.

Savannah is like an older woman I know who aged gracefully and kept a young mind and spirit. The combination of old and new in Downtown Savannah creates an astounding synergy where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In the past few years many new hotels have been built, new restaurants have popped up, the art scene has grown, tourism has increased, City Market is getting an esthetic boost from the creation of Ellis Square leading into it and under which undergound parking will alleviate some of the parking problems we've had.

I've talked in previous blogs about the 54 acre extension of downtown Savannah to the east, Savannah River Landings, and it continues to progress creating a challenge to find even more complex harmony between old and new.

Condos are being built out of the upper floors of old buildings along Broughton and other areas downtown with a New York loft feel, and the activity all around downtown continues to be vibrant. It's a wonderful time to be here to witness all these changes, yet to still experience the historic pride and uniquness that makes Savannah special.


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