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March 2008 - Posts

Savannah Ga Homes For Sale

Currently, in Savannah Ga and Tybee Island, there are 3322 homes for sale. This is a lot of homes for Savannah and Tybee Island to have on the market. This should keep pressure on home prices to remain stable. I don't see any short term rise in prices.

Savannah Ga Real Estate Series: Georgetown

Georgetown has been overlooked in the past few years with all the new development sites around Savannah. The older phase of Georgetown is showing its age, but many of these homes, built in the late 70s and 80s, are being renovated. There are also new

Savannah Ga Real Estate Series: The Landings

The Landings is one of the premier gated communities in Savannah Ga. There are six top-notch golf courses at The Landing, along with tennis couts, workout facilities and right outside the gated entrance is a shopping vlillage which has pretty much everything

Six Principles of Providing Real Estate Service

u Radical honesty - Your need for reliable information is a top priority u Consistent service - Service is a mindset to be delivered as a natural act of doing business u Quick response - Utilizing the online tools ensures your requests are handled promptly

Savannah Ga Real Estate Series: Rincon, Guyton and Springfield

Effingham County is the neighboring county to Chatham County (which is the county Savannah is in) and the three main cities are Rincon , Guyton and Springfield with Rincon being the largest. Much of the new constrution over the last 15 years has taken

Savannah Ga Real Estate Market Holding Its Own

Real estate in Savannah Ga has held its own during this national downturn. There is a steady demand for homes in Savannah Ga and I have a feeling once the economy improves, there will be a mini-boom in Savannah. Prices are stable right now, with some

Savannah, Ga. Real Estate Series: Ardsley Park

If I had to pick three of my favorite neighborhoods in Savannah, Ga ., Ardsley Park would be one of them. It's difficult to describe the neighborhood because it's eclectic, but I'll try. One thing I like is the trees and shrubbery, especially

Savannah Port: Getting Better and Better

The port of Savannah is a tremendous boon to the local economy. Our port is now one of the largest in the country, creating businesses and jobs each year. I just received this email alert .
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Savannah Ga. Real Estate Series: Berwick Plantation

Berwick Plantation is a development off Hwy 17 close to the I95 exit onto Hwy 204 which going north bevomes Abercorn Street , one of the main streets running through Savannah. Berwick Plantation backs up to Southbridge, a high end golf community with

Searching for Savannah Ga Real Estate Online

It seems like all homebuyers are searching for real estate online. There's a few tips that might save you a lot of time. Most local agencies that have a website presence now have an IDX solution so that the homes on the local MLS are available to

Savannah Ga Real Estate Series: Causton Bluff and Emerald Point

Going out the President Street extension onto Islands Expressway heading to the connection with Hwy 80 that takes you to Whitemarsh Island , Talahi Island , Wilmington Island , and eventually, at the end of Hwy 80, to Tybee Island , there are several

Savannah Ga's Ugliest Real Estate Website

I accept the honor. A couple of years ago I looked into prettying it up, but didn't; it had grown on me, like my Chinese Crested, Fancy. Fancy doesn't know she's ugly -- she sits with a regal pose that suggests she's a queen, and that's

The Changing Real Estate Market

Here in Savannah Ga we are experiencing real estate changes like other areas of the country. Our prices aren't dropping like California prices but we have slowed down considerably. But the national news stories about real estate are not the only changes

Savannah Ga Real Estate Series: Rice Hope

Rice Hope is a new development on Hwy 21 going toward Rincon, about 5 miles from the I95 Port Wentworth exit. Not only is the residential development in this area, single family homes and townhomes, there will also be commercial development. It's

Savannah Ga Real Estate Series: Windsor Forest

I lived in Windsor Forest the first 10 years after moving to Savannah. I still own the home and rent it out. What I enjoyed about Windsor Forest was the location (close to all the businesses on the southside, up and down Abercorn ) and the comfortable