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The Changing Real Estate Market

Here in Savannah Ga we are experiencing real estate changes like other areas of the country. Our prices aren't dropping like California prices but we have slowed down considerably. But the national news stories about real estate are not the only changes going on in real estate.

Everything about the real estate industry is changing -- and the changes I'm talking about are fundamental changes in how we buy and sell real estate. The change in supply and demand is always in flux, but the way people buy and sell real estate is a different story.

It's no secret that buyers are looking for homes online and sellers are advertising homes online. Places like Zillow and Trulia have many listings advertised on their sites, and local real estate agents with websites and IDX functions can advertise all the listings from the different real estate companies directly from their websites. All this is old news, now.

However, it's not clear which ways of doing this new business will be best. The large national real estate sites are doing a good job of creating easy to use, informational sites that help buyers search at their leisure. On the other hand local real estate agents are becoming better at offering a pleasurable search experience free of hassle, with no spamming and no pressure. Plus, local agents have inside information about the areas and the city itself.

At some point it appears there will be a combined effort of large real estate sites and local real estate experts delivering everything sellers and buyers need to effectively do most of the up front real estate work of marketing homes and finding homes, and receiving valuable information to narrow the home search.

However it turns out, it seems certain that the consumer will win as everyone competes to provide the best and most efficient experience. For more information on the changing real estate market, email me at Mike@MikeFarmerRealty.com, There are certain ways to go about this new way home searching and marketing homes that will save a lot of time and headache.


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