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Savannah Ga Real Estate Series: Causton Bluff and Emerald Point

John%20Wesley%20Savannah%20001.JPG    Going out the President Street extension onto Islands Expressway heading to the connection with Hwy 80 that takes you to Whitemarsh Island, Talahi Island, Wilmington Island, and eventually, at the end of Hwy 80, to Tybee Island, there are several neighborhoods that are sometimes overlooked, but are great Savannah locations. There is East Pines, Causton Bluff, Emerald Point and Oatland island. East Pines and Oatland Island are older neighborhoods with some houses having water access, then Causton Bluff and Emerald Point are newer developments. Causton Bluff also has water access and there is talk that Emerald Point may have a dock, along with luxury townhomes.

The good thing about these locations is that it's a short distance to downtown Savannah, only minutes away, and it's only about 10-15 minutes to Tybee Island beach.

The prices on Oatland Island and East Pines are a litle less and you might find they need updating, although many have been pdated and well kept. Prices at Emerald Point and Causton Bluff will me quite a bit more -- they are both gated communites. But when home shopping in Savannah suggest to your agent that these be considered as an option -- it's hard to beat the convenience of the locations.

For more information, and a list of available homes, email -- Mike@MikeFarmerRealty.com

You will notice links througout, some even go to other real estate agent advertisements -- that's okay, if you want to go straight through the listing agent, that's your choice. If you want buyer representation to help through the whole process contact me at the email above. I can show you everything on the market.


Mike from Savannah

Published Wednesday, March 12, 2008 2:12 PM by Mike Farmer


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