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Searching for Savannah Ga Real Estate Online

It seems like all homebuyers are searching for real estate online. There's a few tips that might save you a lot of time. Most local agencies that have a website presence now have an IDX solution so that the homes on the local MLS are available to view at the sites. When you use search terms like "Savannah ga Ga Real Estate" you wil get a broad return from the index and many of the top results might be large national sites that have listings from all over the country. If you look for the results which are local realtor sites, you will get local listings to look at, plus local information which is just as important as the houses -- where are they located? What's the area like? etc.

You will also save time if you focus your search, such as "Savannah Ga waterfront homes" if you are looking for waterfront homes, or "downtown savannah homes" if you are looking for urban living, or "savannah ga homes, new construction" if new homes are what you want. If you know you're looking for homes on the southside of Savannah, you'll get much better results using "southside savannah ga homes" than if you use "savannah ga homes".

Google and other search companies are getting better at delivering pertinent results, but sometimes you need to adjust your search to get the best results, an if you go directly to local realtor sites it will save a lot of clicks.

Published Thursday, March 13, 2008 1:26 PM by Mike Farmer


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