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Savannah Ga Real Estate Series: Rincon, Guyton and Springfield

Effingham County is the neighboring county to Chatham County (which is the county Savannah is in) and the three main cities are Rincon, Guyton and Springfield with Rincon being the largest. Much of the new constrution over the last 15 years has taken place in Effingham County. The main reason is that most of the developeable land in Savannah has been developed -- we have South Carolina directly north past the Savannah River, we have the ocean to the east, so the growth is south and west. Effingham is west and is a large county that historically has been timberland and farmland.

The land is somewhat less expensive in Effingham County, therefore home prices are less. You can still buy new homes with decent size lots. When I first started in real estate, you could get lots to build on 5-10 acres, but they are getting harder to find. However the lots are still bigger on average than the lots in Savannah. You can also find landowners willing to sell 10-20 acres of unimproved land; however, most of the land owners are holding their land to sell to big developers.

There are subdivisions all throughout Effingham but most are on east and south side of the county around the towns of Rincon, Guyton and Springfield. The school systems are relatively new and have a reputation for quality education, which is another attraction for homebuyers. The lifestyle is more rural and slow paced in Effingham.

Rincon has seen a lot of commercial development as well in the past 15 years and is just beginning to attract fine restaurants. It takes about 30-40 minutes to get from Rincon to downtown Savannah, and the I95 interstate exit on Hwy 21 is about 5 minutes from town. The home prices will fit into just about any homebuyer's budget, and developers have also built condos and townhomes in the past 5 years.

If you like the slower, rural lifestyle, then Effingham is a good choice. Email me at mike@mikefarmerrealty.com for more information.

Published Saturday, March 22, 2008 2:25 PM by Mike Farmer


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