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Six Principles of Providing Real Estate Service

 Radical honesty - Your need for reliable information is a top priority
uConsistent service - Service is a mindset to be delivered as a natural act of doing business
uQuick response - Utilizing the online tools ensures your requests are handled promptly
uPersonalization - Today's growing demand is for personal service designed to meet your specific needs
    Context - Looking at pictures of houses without the appropriate context (area, schools, shopping, dining, taxes, appreciation, etc) can be misleading.       Context is required to make the pictures useful
uLoyalty -- As a buyer agent I owe loyalty to clients and represent their interests throughout the process. Loyalty means NEVER violating trust
A new mindset is developing among realtors who have adopted the buyer agent service model of real estate. It has to do with making the consumer the focal point and has less to do with sales. Our job is to provide the information and service necessary for the consumer to make an informed decision and to remove the hassle of home buying. It takes away the pressure to buy a particular home and replaces it with the power to decide among many options.
Published Tuesday, March 25, 2008 5:25 PM by Mike Farmer


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