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April 2008 - Posts

Savannah Ga Homes: Using a buyer agent

Okay, you've decided to start the process. Where do you start? The internet! Each year, more and more buyers are searching online for homes - pretty soon everyone looking for real estate will start the process online. You go to Google or Yahoo or

First time Savannah Ga homebuyers: Buying in a changing market.

In my opinion it is critical for first time homes buyers to have a buyer agent representing them throughout the process of home buying. There are too many traps and pitfalls, and some of them are costly. A first time home buyer is not only buying a home,

Are you planning a move? Consider a home in Savannah, Ga!

Savannah Ga is increasingly becoming one of the best places to live along the Atlantic coast. We have a diverse economy and a diverse population. Savannah offers art, entertainment, employment opportunities, water activities, country living, a friendly

Photos of Savannah Ga

Make sure you visit my photo site -- Savannah Ga Photos and Information . I'm constantly adding pictures of downtown, the suburbs, the islands and the outside country living areas. As I go along I'm adding text in the description area so that

Searching For Savannah Ga Homes: How Real Estate Is Changing

How do you use search? I suspect that people who first search might use a broad term like " Savannah Ga Real Estate " or " Savannah Ga Homes For Sale ". Most likely the results from these searches will deliver links to large, national

Midtown Savannah Ga Real Estate: Homes Sales Statistics

These statistics are taken from the local Multi-List data base and from April to April for each year. 2004-2005 Homes sold - 756 Average Sales Price -- $133,091 Days on market -- 70 2005-2006 Homes sold - 820 Average Sales Price -- $163,294 Days on market

Tybee Island Homes: Sales Report Taken From The Local MLS database.

The Tybee Island market: from April 2004 to Apriil 2005 - Average sales price $468,687 -- houses sold - 189 from April 2005 to April 2006 - Average sales price $523,647 -- houses sold - 166 from April 2006 to April 2007 - Average sales price $624,625

Finding The Poor Home That Needs A Little Love

In the Savannah Ga there are many homes that need a little love. However, by now everyone is hip to the "Needs a little TLC" advertisements from home sellers -- it usually means it needs love and a whole lot of money and rebuilding. However,

Savannah Homes: Fewer Homes Sold

About a thousand fewer from April 07 to April 08 than from April 06 to April 07, although the average sale's price has remained steady around $265,000. If my database is any indication, there is backed-up demand for homes in Savannah -- I'm getting

Full Service Real Estate Agents

It's important when choosing a real estate agent to understand the services the agent will provide. In the last five years a lot of people have gotten their real estate licenses because the the housing market was so hot. Now that the maket is going

Savannah Ga Real Estate Series: Photos of Forsyth Park and Savannah Homes

I recently took some photos of Savannah Ga homes at the border of the downtown Savannah historic district and the Savannah Victorian District, around Forsyth Park. You can see them here at Smugmug . Savannah is a very photogenic town and I just wish I

Looking For Real Estate In Savannah Ga Is Easy

As more and more home buyers use the internet to start their search, they are finding local real estate companies make it easy to find properties. What some home buyers might not realize is the extraordinary service they can get by signing up with agents