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Looking For Real Estate In Savannah Ga Is Easy

As more and more home buyers use the internet to start their search, they are finding local real estate companies make it easy to find properties. What some home buyers might not realize is the extraordinary service they can get by signing up with agents who understand the new way of home searching.

Part of the problem is that buyers still think if they give their information they are going to be spammed and pressured by the agent. This is not true of agents who understand the web 2.0 philosophy of allowing the buyer to search and gather information with no pressure. An agent that understands the new relationship between agent and buyer will offer services, provide information and will never pressure or spam.

The buyer, if they are lucky enough to get such an agent, can receive new listings as soon as they come on the market -- and not just any listing, but listings that are focused on the buyer's criteria. But it doesn't stop there -- the buyer can also request more information about the home and the area the home is in. The buyer can request more photos, tax information, insurance information, school information, etc.

If a buyer creates a relationship with a buyer agent upfront, most of this information can be received upfront in one package. Many out-of-town buyers don't realize how valuable this service is -- how much time it saves and how much the information can relieve hassles in the buying process.

By the time the out-of-town buyer is ready to buy, 90% of the work has been done. So, how do you find such an agent? Google them, for right now. Hopefully, in the future there will be a clearing house online whereby a buyer can find an agent that has been checked out thoroughly by a third party and get the name of an agent by just requesting the best online agents in the area. But for now, you can Google "city, state, buyer agent" -- just fill in the city and state -- that will narrow it down tremendoulsy. Then contact the results and ask them what relocation services they provide. You will be able to tell by the response which ones understand your needs. If they are advertised as a "buyer" agent and have a website, those are two good signs. If they respond by convincing you they understand how to provide good service without pressure, that is another good sign. Then make a request and judge the response. Is it thorough? Is it timely? Is it focused? Does the agent have knowledge of the area?

Believe me, this connection will be valuable in your home search process -- someone you can go to to get clarification, interpretation of information and also get an idea of the market trends. For more information, email me at Mike@MikeFarmerRealty.com.


Mike from Savannah

Published Saturday, April 5, 2008 2:17 PM by Mike Farmer


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