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Finding The Poor Home That Needs A Little Love

In the Savannah Ga there are many homes that need a little love. However, by now everyone is hip to the "Needs a little TLC" advertisements from home sellers -- it usually means it needs love and a whole lot of money and rebuilding.

However, there are Savannah homes in this slow real estate market that need love and only a little bit of money to make them shine. These homes are being passed over since there are so many homes on the market -- buyers simply pass them by to find the homes that are move-in ready.

Real estate is a funny business and Savannah, Ga is no exception -- moods shift, trends change, priorities are rearranged. Four years ago, buyers were buying homes that needed a little improvement, but now it seems with all the options and the caution of home buyers that the trend is to buy homes in great condition, while many of the homes that need a little love linger for months on the market. Many sellers are now putting the time, effort and money into fixing up their homes before putting them on the market, but there are still homes that need improvement -- and they are being discounted so that it makes sense to consider these less-than-perfect homes -- especially since they are being overlooked and the demand for them is lower.

You will definitely want to do a thourough analysis of what it will cost to fix it up and make sure it works out financially, but once you've crunched the numbers you might find it worth the time and effort to do it. There's something to be said about the contrarian strategy -- when everyone else is moving one way, move the other to find a bargain.

Published Sunday, April 13, 2008 9:50 AM by Mike Farmer


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