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Savannah Ga Homes: Using a buyer agent

100_0532.jpg  Okay, you've decided to start the process. Where do you start? The internet! Each year, more and more buyers are searching online for homes - pretty soon everyone looking for real estate will start the process online.

You go to Google or Yahoo or MSN and you type in “Savannah Ga real estate” as a broad search to see what comes up. More than likely the first page of search results will be the big online real estate players like Realtor.com or Homes.com or Trulia.com. They have internet technology people to get good placement and many searchers wind up on their web pages where the buyer/searcher finds listings from various real estate companies in the Savannah Ga area.

Many of these sites have functions where you can request information on the listing, even set up a showing. So, you request information then call the listing agent to set up a showing. You get to the house at the appointment time only to find out that the house is next to a railroad track in an area that looks like it’s going downhill. You politely tell the agent that you would like to look at something else. The agent shows you another listing, but it is out of your price range and is the wrong style. The agent then shows you two other listings her company has, but they are too far from your work. The agent says she might be able to show a few listings from other companies, but she can’t until next week. In the meantime, you go back online.

You call another agent who spends thirty minutes trying to convince you to buy a listing he says is the perfect house, but you resist and you are glad to escape. You go back to the internet.

This time you decide to focus your search, then you remember something someone once told you about buyer agents – they said they had used a buyer agent and the process was smooth and hassle-free. You type in the search bar “Savannah Ga buyer agent” and the results show local agents who work as buyer agents.

You call the buyer agent and the buyer agent gets your criteria and tells you he will pull up all the listings that meet your criteria, including the area that meets your logistical needs, and send them out by email. An hour later you have 30 listings that all meet your criteria. You call the buyer agent and he sets up half a day to look at ten listings. You meet with the buyer agent and each one you look at the buyer agent writes down what you like and don’t like; the buyer agent points out the pros and cons of each home. You narrow it down to two that might meet your needs, but you’re still unsure.

The buyer agent suggests you go out the next day and look at ten more. In the meantime you receive an email that has information about the two you liked with comparable sales information that shows the two you like are overpriced by 5%. You meet with the buyer agent the next day and out the ten you view you find one that seems perfect.

The buyer agent gets all the information together and recommends an asking price, gets the seller’s disclosure and you make an offer. The buyer agent negotiates the price to a point everyone can agree on. The buyer agent then sets up an inspection. During the inspection it is found that the roof is leaking and air conditioner is working at half capacity. The buyer agent completes a form asking the seller to repair these items, and the seller refuses. You decide it is too costly to do yourself, so the buyer agent recommends you void the contract, because it is written in the contract that the deal is contingent on inspection and repair of structure and systems, and continue looking. The buyer agent doesn’t seem to be in a hurry and never pressures you to buy. A week later, after looking at ten more houses, one comes on the market and you receive an email immediately that this home has just become available and it is more perfect than the other perfect one J . This one is negotiated at 7% below the asking price and passes the inspection and the financing goes through and the agent calls you all along the way to remind you of each step until finally it closes and you have a new home.

This is the way to buy a home. Focus your search on representation first – get a professional home buyer to help you with the buying process – the listing agent is a professional seller, not a professional buyer. As a buyer you want a buyer agent, not a listing agent.

Published Tuesday, April 29, 2008 7:50 PM by Mike Farmer


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