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May 2008 - Posts

Downtown Savannah Ga Homes: The Renovation Continues

I thought the national slowdown in the housing market would affect the renovation in Savannah ga, but it appears to still be ongoing. I've almost completed with the renovation of the place I bought on 39th Street near the Starland Art District and

Savannah GA Homes: Rent or Lease Purchase

There are more people renting in Savannah Ga this year because of the credit tightening and the uncertainty in the market for people who may not be living here for over a year. I advise people who not be here for over a couple of years to consider renting,

Savannah GA Real Estate: The Greek Revival

After the Civil war there was a movement away from the English styles of Georgian and Adam towards a more classical style. Thomas Jefferson was a big part of the change with his interest in Romanesque design followed by what came to dominant the American

Savannah Ga housing market picking up

I like it when people post about positive signs in the market, so I thought I'd give my impression of the Savannah, Ga market. There are still a lot of homes on the market but they are beginning to sell. From all indications, the market is improving

Multiplex For Sale in Hoover Creek

Boat access to river -- dock • 1,261 sq. ft., 2 bath, 2 bdrm multiplex "3 Stories, unit on 1st floor" - MLS® $185,000 - Great price for location Hoover Creek, Savannah - River access, double-decker dock, boatng, fishing, community pool,
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Savannah Ga Real Estate: Spam and Pressure Free Zone

I am here to tell you that real estate sales is changing. Those companies who continue with spam and pressure techniques are on the way out, or they are changing. It is no longer acceptable by home buyers to be pressured and spammed. People want to search

Savannah Ga Real Estate: Market Heating Up

The Savannah Ga real estate market is heating up from all indicators to which I have access. One reason might be that it appears interest rates may be at the lowest point they will be for awhile. Smart financial people are advising that buyers lock in

Savannah Ga Real Estate: More About Buyer Agents

Any who knows me, knows I'm a true believer when it comes to buyer agency. Like I've said before, it was the way I was "raised" in this industry, taught by one of the best real estate agents I've known, Jerry Robinson. Jerry died

Savannah Ga Real Estate: New Construction vs Resale

What are the issues when considering new construction versus resale homes? First of all, new homes are NEW. Wow, that was profound. I'll bet you idn't expect such pertinent information. But what all does “new” mean? It means the comfort

Savannah Ga Real Estate: Lease/Purchase vs Option To Buy

Lease/purchase is different than lease with an option to buy. An option to buy means just that, at the end of the lease, or any time during the lease, if the contract is written that way, you have the option to buy the home. This protects your right to

What homebuyers need when they search for Savannah Ga real estate

They need good local information about Savannah Ga real estate -- simple. If I was in Kansas looking for a home in Savannah Ga, I'd first want to know about the areas so that my lifestyle and logistics needs are met. There are so many options available