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What homebuyers need when they search for Savannah Ga real estate

They need good local information about Savannah Ga real estate -- simple. If I was in Kansas looking for a home in Savannah Ga, I'd first want to know about the areas so that my lifestyle and logistics needs are met. There are so many options available today that I have called home searching Designer Lifestyle Searching.

Why settle for anything when you can get information to design the perfect living situation? Do you like the downtown lifestyle where you can step out of your front door and walk to the restaurants and shops and parks? Savannah downtown living is perfect for this, with old homes that have character and are centrally located to all that Savannah has to offer. Who do you want to trust to get information about downtown Savannah and design the perfect living arrangement, a local agents who knows the area backwards and forwards, or a national online site that has pictures and little else?

When you go to Google to search for information, you want good, reliable information. Savannah has options all over the city for unique lifestyles. Some of these areas might be hard to identify as special ifyou don't know the area and are just looking at photos with a brief description. There are beautiful homes tucked away on rivers leading to the Atlantic that are spectacular, and if someone tells me what their esthetics are, someone who knows the area in and out knows exactly where to lead them. This is who you want to find when you search for information, not a programmer from Seattle who has designed a website that doesn't specialize in Savannah real estate.

Search is a powerful tool and if you ask the right questions you can get very pertinent results. Don't be afraid to ask Google for personalized information in your search queries -- it's designed to help you drill down to the Designer Lifestyle Search. They have an advanced feature that will zero in on what you want so you don't have to go from site to site that's not local or personalized.

You want a Colonial home on acreage in the country 15 minutes from downtown Savannah where you can have a few horses? Ask for it. Do you want a townhome in downtown Savannah with 2 bedrooms, a view of a square, within walking distance to River Street, under $500,000? Ask for it.

Ask, and you will receive.


Published Friday, May 2, 2008 12:31 PM by Mike Farmer


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