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Just closed on an Ardsley Park bungalow in Savannah Ga

Starland%20District%20Savannah%20GA%20photos%20041.JPG  We just closed on a small bungalow in Savannah GA's best neighborhood (in my opinion) -- Ardsley Park. This home sits between two parks in the center of Ardsley Park -- a great location.

It sold for $282,000 and appraised for $285,000 - the got a fairly deal in this market. The first home the buyer was sold out from under us as our offer was being made. After the initial disappointment the buyer eventually accepted this home on 50th street is actually a better deal -- it works out that way a lot of times --fate?

There are plenty of good deals on the market right now in Ardsley Park, Parkside and the Baldwin Park area. I also just got a home on Barnard under contract and this was another bargain-- $210,000 for a huge Victorian partially renovated. It needs about $90,000 of work for completion, but it will be a beauty when it's finished. It's located in the Starland Art & Design District which is an up and coming area that will soon be a trendy Savannah location.

I showed this couple from Phoenix about 25 Victorian homes and I can report that the Thomas Square Streetcar District (aka Starland) is a alive and well with renovation. Some of the completed renovations were absolutely gorgeous. The whole Savannah midtown area is alive and well with good bargains everywhere. Call me at 912-429-3431 for more information about these homes and investment opportunities.

Published Saturday, June 14, 2008 12:28 AM by Mike Farmer


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