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Home Inspections

Around Savannah GA homes under contract usually fall apart around inspections. Our contracts have changed somewhat from an "inspection with right to request repairs" to a "due diligence" period where you have 5 to 10 days (whatever is agreed upon in the contract) to perform all inspections, and it allows the buyer to walk away for any reason. In a way this strengthens the buyers hand, but in another way it has caused sellers to develop the attitude "Okay, you have so many days to do due diligence, so take these days and decide if you want the house" and they are less thrilled about having to do any repairs.

You can still negotiate for the seller to repair defects, but most sellers are balking on this. In a way I understand the seller's reluctance to make repairs because the lending situation has gotten so tight that transactions fall apart financially at the last minute (another reason transactions fail, now). The seller has already spent the money to make the repairs and might feel that if he had sold it to someone else he/she might could have saved that money if the other buyer didn't ask for repairs.

I suggest buyers use common sense when asking for repairs and to not nitpick -- nitpicking is what creates the most problems. Around Savannah GA homes are mostly older and it's to be expected that old homes need some repairs. However, if the defects are major, then negotiation is called for to fix the major defects, and if the seller refuses, consider walking away during the due diligence period.

Also, when making your initial offer, use good judgement about what you can in the home and if you see things that are in obvious need of repair make your offer accordingly and then be prepared to do that work yourself -- it makes the process cleaner with less chance of making someone mad and uncooperative by giving them a long list of small repair items you want done -- the seller is stressing enough making plans to move without having to complete a long handyman list of repairs.

Common sense, good judgement and a well thought offer go along way toward an easy closing.

Published Saturday, June 21, 2008 11:52 AM by Mike Farmer


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