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Savannah Homes For Sale - 10 steps to home-buying efficiency

1. Use a buyer agent so that you don't have to go from listing agent to listing agent. Establishing a trust relationship with a buyer agent will save time and prevent hassle.

2. Have your agent set up a home-search program that sends all new listings automatically.

3. Make sure the home-search program has a personal site where you can save the listings you like.

4. Gather information on the areas and take a tour of areas before looking at homes.

5. Gather information on the top choices and make a file on each area with pros and cons.

6. Once an area has been established look for homes that meet your criteria and price range -- have buyer agent preview the homes to rule out obvious time-wasters.

7. Have buyer agent put together a home-sales report of homes sold within the LAST 4 MONTHS in the your area of interest.

8. Get good faith estimates from 3 different lenders and get a pre-qualification letter.

9. Get with buyer agent and develop a complete list of special stipulations which create the best conditions for the contract.

10. Decide on the maximum price you will pay and the best conditions then have at least two back-up options of homes you like in case you don't get the price and conditions.

Another action that will increace the efficiency is to decide ahead of time who will do the inspections and get the inspections completed immediately after a contract is accepted so that you have time to negotiate repairs if repairs are needed. There are many options for Savannah homes and many good areas. Narrowing down the process before riding and wasting gas is a smart move with the price of gas being what it is.


Published Sunday, June 29, 2008 8:41 AM by Mike Farmer


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