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July 2008 - Posts

Paris, London, Manhattan - Savannah?

Here is a good article that mentions Savannah with these other great places -- talking about human scale. The layout of Savannah IS unique and makes it a great place to visit and live. http://www.citizen-times.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=20088072211

Savannah Ga Homes for Rent

It seems more and more people are renting in Savannah Ga now that financing has gotten tighter and buyers are unsure which way the market is going. I've talked with several people lately who have called me about rentals and their stories are similar

Savannah Real Estate -- Another Look

On of the biggest concerns on the minds of buyers considering Savannah real estate is -- What's going to happen to prices? will prices go down? will they go up? will they remain stable? I think Savannah has a bright future. We are economically diversified

Image search for Savannah GA homes

Most buyers looking for homes to buy in Savannah GA, or any other area in which they searching, are looking for photos of homes. A good way to make sure you find a real estate site that has photos is through Google's image search. When you get to

Savannah GA Homes For Sale: Lease/purchase might be an option

I have shown quite a few homes lately in the Savannah GA market and there are quite a few deals right now. I see prices falling a little but not a whole lot. Howerver, sellers are more willing to negotiate. It's hard to say when the market will turn

Savannah Homes for Sale: Shameless Promotion

All the real estate blog experts advise against promoting your services in a blog post. Since I have a lot of contrarian in me and since I want your business, I thought I would break the rule and promote my services. You will be hard pressed to find an

Savannah GA Rea Estate Report: Resales vs New Home Construction

Yesterday I posted the results of research regarding Savannah GA new home construction and Savannah GA midtown resales on the Homegain blog. You can find the results here - http://blog.homegain.com/savannah-georgia-real-estate-home-sales-photos -- I am