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Savannah Ga Real Estate Series: Rincon, Guyton and Springfield

Effingham County is the neighboring county to Chatham County (which is the county Savannah is in) and the three main cities are Rincon , Guyton and Springfield with Rincon being the largest. Much of the new constrution over the last 15 years has taken

Savannah Ga Relocation - Real Estate Is Local (Duh)

As I have written in other blog posts, relocation can be a confusing hassle or it can be a relatively smooth process. What I want to re-emphasize here is information gathering and processing. It sounds dry and boring, but it is vital to making the smartest

Savannah Ga Real Estate - Understanding the Changing Nature of MLS

MLS stands for Multi-List Service and is the database Realtors use to store and retrieve listing information. It has been a great marketing tool for home-sellers and their listing agents who are able to market homes to many agents and their buyers by

Relocating to Savannah? Savannah Ga Real Estate

Many buyers relocating to Savannah from the west coast or the northeast, or other parts of the country or even world, who have visited Savannah but stayed downtown and only got a tour of downtown Savannah landmarks may not know what all Savannah and the

Savannah Ga Homes -- Smart Search

This really applies to searching for a home pretty much anywhere, not just Savannah Ga homes, but I like to advertise where I am from. As I wrote in an earlier blog, most people seem to start the process backwards – they start looking at houses

Savannah Ga Historic District - Downtown, Victorian, Thomas Square, Gordonston

While most people fairly familiar with Savannah have visited the downtown Historic District many are not that familiar with the other three historic districts: the Victorian Historic District, the Thomas Square Streetcar Historic District, and the Gordonston

Groundfloor? Savannah Midtown Market District

I recently attended a neighborhood meeting at the corner of 39 th Street and Broad Street to get the news of upcoming development in that area. They are calling it the Midtown Market District and the plans are ambitious and exciting: restaurants, coffee

First Things First - Savannah Homes

Like many buyers, when I bought my first home, I got the cart before the horse and began willy-nilly looking at houses with no real plan of action in place. I found a house I liked then considered the area as to whether it fit my needs, then thought about
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Savannah Ga Real Estate Statistics

Taking three main areas here, midtown Savannah, Savannah islands and southside Savannah, and using the criteria of 3br/2b, 1600-2000 sq ft homes, then including all sales from two time periods, 3/1/06 - 5/10/06 and 3/1/07-5/10/07, I got these numbers:

Savannah Georgia Waterfront Homes

There are many reasons to love Savannah, but one of the main reasons is access to the ocean and the rivers. Some of the most beautiful properties in Savannah are waterfront or marshview properties. There are many concerns when considering a waterfront

Ardsley Park - Midtown Savannah Ga

Ardsley Park is a popular area, and with its centralized location, its beautiful trees and shrubbery, its comfortable neighborhood feel, it will continue, for years to come, to be one of Savannah’s most sought after areas to live. Ardsley Park was