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Most buyers looking for homes to buy in Savannah GA, or any other area in which they searching, are looking for photos of homes. A good way to make sure you find a real estate site that has photos is through Google's image search. When you get to

Savannah GA Homes: Five things to consider when searching for a home online

1. Make sure your search terms are specific "Savannah GA waterfront homes", or "Savannah GA homes, new construction" or "Savannah GA Homes, Ardsly Park". This will most likely deliver results from agents who know these specifics

Home Inspections

Around Savannah GA homes under contract usually fall apart around inspections. Our contracts have changed somewhat from an "inspection with right to request repairs" to a "due diligence" period where you have 5 to 10 days (whatever

Savannah GA Homes: New Home Incentives

Savannah GA home builders are still giving incentives to buy a new home. I was at several new home sites today showing homes to a military pilot who is being stationed at Hunter and the onsite salesperson at Berwick Plantation said the builder was giving

Savannah GA Homes: Rent or Lease Purchase

There are more people renting in Savannah Ga this year because of the credit tightening and the uncertainty in the market for people who may not be living here for over a year. I advise people who not be here for over a couple of years to consider renting,

Are you planning a move? Consider a home in Savannah, Ga!

Savannah Ga is increasingly becoming one of the best places to live along the Atlantic coast. We have a diverse economy and a diverse population. Savannah offers art, entertainment, employment opportunities, water activities, country living, a friendly

Six Principles of Providing Real Estate Service

u Radical honesty - Your need for reliable information is a top priority u Consistent service - Service is a mindset to be delivered as a natural act of doing business u Quick response - Utilizing the online tools ensures your requests are handled promptly

Savannah, Ga. Real Estate Series: Ardsley Park

If I had to pick three of my favorite neighborhoods in Savannah, Ga ., Ardsley Park would be one of them. It's difficult to describe the neighborhood because it's eclectic, but I'll try. One thing I like is the trees and shrubbery, especially

Savannah Ga Real Estate Series: Windsor Forest

I lived in Windsor Forest the first 10 years after moving to Savannah. I still own the home and rent it out. What I enjoyed about Windsor Forest was the location (close to all the businesses on the southside, up and down Abercorn ) and the comfortable

Savannah Ga Real Estate Series: Isle of Hope

Isle of Hope is a unique area, one of the most beautiful and distinctively-Savannah waterfront areas. Along Bluff Drive past the marina are some of the most beautiful homes in Savannah. Although Isle of Hope proper is a small area, many people consider

Savannah Ga Homes -- Resale or New Construction?

What are the issues when considering new construction versus resale homes? First of all, new homes are NEW. Wow, that was profound. But what all does “new” mean? It means the comfort of knowing appliances have warranties, the systems have

Midtown Savannah Ga Homes

Check out this remodeled home in midtown Savannah. 59th Street Mike from Savannah

Savannah Ga Homes - Victorian and Thomas Square/Starland Districts

Savannah’s Victorian District and Thomas Square Streetcar District are good alternatives for those buyers trying to avoid the higher prices of downtown Historic District, but still be minutes away from downtown Savannah. Here is a link to the National