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Downtown Savannah Ga -- History Meets Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan can mean different things to different people. Philosophically, it can mean being a citizen of the world in the sense of being freed from the limitations of locality, race, sex, politics, etc, or it can mean sophisticated, or it can take

Search Terms and Results - "Savannah Ga Homes"

Using Google and other search engines with phrases such as “Savannah Ga real estate”, “Savannah Homes”, “Tybee Island condos” and “Historic Savannah Homes” seems to be the preferred method of home searching

Home Buyers in the Information Age

The challenge for home buyers in the Information Age is to make information work for them, not overwhelm or mislead them. Making sure the information gathered is placed in context, that it is current and particular, that it is truly informative not just

Real Estate in the Information Age - Problems & Solutions

There seems to be no end to the amount of real estate information available to anyone who knows how to search online. You can find listings in all the far reaches by typing and clicking from anywhere in the country. You want demographics? You've got

The Irony of Too Low Offers

Negotiating home price can be tricky. Many people think that going in with a very low offer is the best way to get a good deal. The idea is that they can start from a low number and this will make the counter-offer lower. The buyer gets it into his/her