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Savannah GA Homes For Sale: Lease/purchase might be an option

I have shown quite a few homes lately in the Savannah GA market and there are quite a few deals right now. I see prices falling a little but not a whole lot. Howerver, sellers are more willing to negotiate. It's hard to say when the market will turn

Savannah Homes for Sale: Shameless Promotion

All the real estate blog experts advise against promoting your services in a blog post. Since I have a lot of contrarian in me and since I want your business, I thought I would break the rule and promote my services. You will be hard pressed to find an

Downtown Savannah Ga Homes: The Renovation Continues

I thought the national slowdown in the housing market would affect the renovation in Savannah ga, but it appears to still be ongoing. I've almost completed with the renovation of the place I bought on 39th Street near the Starland Art District and

Savannah Ga Real Estate: Lease/Purchase vs Option To Buy

Lease/purchase is different than lease with an option to buy. An option to buy means just that, at the end of the lease, or any time during the lease, if the contract is written that way, you have the option to buy the home. This protects your right to

Searching For Savannah Ga Homes: How Real Estate Is Changing

How do you use search? I suspect that people who first search might use a broad term like " Savannah Ga Real Estate " or " Savannah Ga Homes For Sale ". Most likely the results from these searches will deliver links to large, national

Savannah Ga Real Estate Series: Photos of Forsyth Park and Savannah Homes

I recently took some photos of Savannah Ga homes at the border of the downtown Savannah historic district and the Savannah Victorian District, around Forsyth Park. You can see them here at Smugmug . Savannah is a very photogenic town and I just wish I

Savannah Ga Homes For Sale

Currently, in Savannah Ga and Tybee Island, there are 3322 homes for sale. This is a lot of homes for Savannah and Tybee Island to have on the market. This should keep pressure on home prices to remain stable. I don't see any short term rise in prices.

Savannah Ga Real Estate Market Holding Its Own

Real estate in Savannah Ga has held its own during this national downturn. There is a steady demand for homes in Savannah Ga and I have a feeling once the economy improves, there will be a mini-boom in Savannah. Prices are stable right now, with some